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Why I'm Running

I am running for Water Resources Commissioner (WRC) to protect our most precious natural resource, freshwater, and to pursue practical solutions to increased flooding. I want to continue the great work being done by the current WRC, Evan Pratt and his team. Michigan is one of only three states in the Midwest that has over 10,000 inland lakes and streams. These watersheds feed our Great Lakes, which are unique in the world. Soil erosion is the number one contaminant of our surface water and the challenges climate change brings to managing that water continue to require innovative solutions. I am committed to working collaboratively at all levels, from local residents to state and 

national participation. My experience as Mayor of Saline for 14 years brings

a unique perspective due to my work in regional planning, infrastructure

investment, and accountability to our residents. I will continue to protect and

support our farming community by maintaining drains in our rural areas. Due to

my financial background, I will ensure that the Commission will be run

responsibly and efficiently. My personal values enjoying our

water resources led me to move to a freshwater lake in

Washtenaw county. I have been working with my new community to support

education and advocacy for water protection. Let’s ensure we have

healthy water for future generations to enjoy our way of life.

Trees and Stream
Crowd Hydrology

Together we will...

Combat Climate Change

Provide leadership and pursue innovative solutions to the challenges ahead regarding climate change and increased flooding.

Improve Water Quality

Effectively manage and maintain our drainage districts as mandated by the State Drain Code and ensure the office maintains best practices improving water quality.

Protect Resources

Protect our most precious natural resource, freshwater, and Washtenaw County's waterways, for future generations.

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